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Semester 1 2024 (Feb. – April) | Semester 2 2024 (May – June) | Semester 3 2024 (Sept. – Nov.)
Rock Paper Scissors | Worm Hole

Beginners Brush with Deborah Thompson

Oxygen Art Centre offers art classes for Children, Youth, and Adults. Oxygen’s education program features classes in writing, visual art, performance, film, interdisciplinary arts practice and creative processes, as well as art camps for children and youth. We offer advanced inquiry for artists who have completed basic training as well as community courses for those in the beginning stages of their artistic development.

Our faculty is composed of professional artists and teachers, many with advanced degrees, who offer a learning atmosphere of collaboration and discovery, rich with cross-discipline dialogue.

Oxygen Art Centre Gift Certificates are now available and can be applied to any art class within a two-year period.

Oxygen Art Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of our Community Arts Education Programming from Province of British Columbia, British Columbia Arts Council, and Nelson and District Credit Union.


Oxygen Art Centre’s arts education programming is an integral part of the Centre’s past, present and future.  Historically, the organization was founded by a group of West Kootenay artists and educators who wanted to start an art school.  The Centre has evolved from these initial intentions to include year round interdisciplinary arts programming including exhibitions, artist residencies, literary presentations and performances; however the education program remains vital to the Centre’s very existence.

Art is essential. It connects us and brings great joy to our lives. By making and creating, we become problem solvers, exercising both sides of our brains. It is a celebration of beauty, a mode to express what is deep within, and a tool to better understand our place in the world.

Anita Levesque, Oxygen Art Centre Art Camp Co-founder
Martina Avis, Act Camp


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