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to prOphecy sun

environmental textures
small sounds

chanceful moments of creative process

the traditional territories of the Sinixt, Syilx and Ktunaxa people ⬣

sloped mountains ⬣ heavy canopies of evergreens snow ⬣ dynamic water passages

a female form

encountering sorting stacking assembling

caretaking rocks on the shoreline

  • concept, performance prOphecy sun
  • sound, video + stills prOphecy sun
  • camera footage Darren Fleet
  • single-channel audio visual installation. iPhone film transferred to HD video, 24:22 mins, loops. iPhone environmental sounds, field recordings, processed voice and delay.
  • gallery Oxygen Art Centre
  • curator Julia Prudhomme
  • web design Deanna Peters/Mutable Subject
  • Nelson, BC / 2021

prOphecy sun

Dr. prOphecy sun is an interdisciplinary performance artist; queer, movement, video, and sound maker; mother; and current Jack and Doris Shadbolt Fellow at Simon Fraser University. Her practice celebrates both conscious and unconscious moments and the vulnerable spaces of the in-between in which art, performance, and life overlap. Her recent research has focused on ecofeminist perspectives, co-composing with voice, objects, surveillance technologies, and site-specific engagements along the Columbia Basin region and beyond.

sun hosts Tapes and Beyond on Kootenay Co-op Radio and is the Arts Editor for Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities. She performs and exhibits regularly in local, national, and international settings, music festivals, conferences, and galleries and has authored several peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and journal publications: