Book launch: Katherine Fawcett

On Friday, April 10th at 7pm Oxygen Art Centre is pleased to present Pemberton based author Katherine Fawcett ‘s latest work The Little Washer of Sorrows.  Katherine will co-present the evening with West Kootenay author K.L. Kivi (link here to more information.)


The Little Washer of Sorrows
Katherine Fawcett
The Little Washer of Sorrows is a collection of short fiction that explores what happens when the expected and usual are replaced with elements of the rare and strange. The book’s emotional impact is created with strong, richly drawn characters facing universal issues in unusual settings. The collection is both dark and comical with engaging plot twists and elements of the macabre as characters attempt to cope with high-stakes melodramas that drift further out of their control.


The threat of something sinister lingers beneath the surface in many of Fawcett’s stories, as she explores the messy “what ifs?” of life and the ever-present paradox of free will.
“The Little Washer of Sorrows is smart, ferociously funny and astonishingly inventive.” — Susan Juby, author of The Woefield Poultry Collective and The Alice MacLeod Trilogy
“Katherine Fawcett works magic here, whips imagination, wit and anarchy into gold. Each story finds a place where our culture is already strange and jumps off from there.” — Fred Stenson, author of The Great Karoo


Katherine Fawcett was born in Montreal, raised in Calgary, has lived in Japan, and now calls Pemberton, British Columbia home. She began her career as a sports reporter before venturing into freelance journalism and commercial writing. After becoming a mother and turning forty, Katherine could no longer ignore her tendency to flout the boundary between real and imagined and has since turned her hand to fiction. Her short fiction has been published in Wordworks, Event, Freefall, subTerrain, and Other Voices. She teaches music in Whistler, BC and plays violin with the Sea to Sky Orchestra and the fiddle whenever possible.


Friday, April 10 at 7pm.
Oxygen Art Centre – 320 Vernon St (back alley entrance)
$5 recommended donation at the door.

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