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  • Residency: Ian Johnston

    Reinventing Consumption Oxygen Art Centre is pleased to announce the beginning of its final artist residency for 2012. Throughout the month of September, local artist Ian Johnston will be working on two installations for an upcoming Canadian tour of his project: Reinventing Consumption. Staring in 2010 with research at the European Ceramic Work Centre in Holland, the project continued at Red Deer College in 2011, and more recently at Columbus State University in Georgia where Johnston was resident artist in their visiting scholar program. The Oxygen Art Centre residency is

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  • Exhibition & Residency: Sandra Rechico

    Oh…and my Pinky Toe is Blistered Sandra Rechico, Artist in Residence, June 5th-June 30th, 2012 Artist Talk, Thursday, June 7th, 7-9 pm Opening, Friday, June 22nd, 7-9 Exhibition Hours, June 23rd-30th, Wed-Sun, 1-4 pm This June, artist Sandra Rechico from Toronto, will be the artist in residence at Oxygen Art Centre. While in Nelson, she will be depending on the kindness of strangers to take her on walks. She is interested in all altitudes: walks in the mountains, the city and the mines. After each walk, Sandra will create a

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  • Exhibition & Residency: Tanya Pixie Johnson

    tanya pixie johnson: Sense of Direction Residency: January 1 – January 31, 2012 Exhibition: Friday, February 3 – February 11 Opening: Friday, February 3, 7pm Artist Talk: Tuesday February 7, 7pm Open Studio: Thursdays 12 – 3pm Visual artist, tanya pixie johnson, will be the artist in residence at Oxygen for the month of January and early February. She will be using this space and time, 4 weeks, to move through a self created art ceremony acknowledging the four directions. This will be an exploration of the notion of time,

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  • Residency & Exhibition: Max Liboiron

    Salt-winning: Equal To or Greater Than December 2010 to January 2011 Glass, road salt, trash Salt-winning: Equal To or Greater Than is a trash-based social economy. Over one hundred miniature globes were created from discarded glass, trash, and winter road salt. Each globe could be taken away by gallery visitors at any time as long as they left something behind of equal or greater value. Visitors were asked to fill out a survey after their exchanges that detailed what they took, what they left behind, and how they determined the

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  • Residency & Exhibition: Deborah Loxam Kohl

    The Sound of … (silence) December 1, 2010 to January 30, 2011 Designer/Maker, Deborah Loxam-Kohl, has developed a novel technology for felting wool into three-dimensional objects. The technology includes specialized manufacturing equipment as well as a proven process and a wide range of test results. The process is automated to a large extent and so can be adapted for large-scale manufacturing. The technology is adaptable, straightforward and simple to implement and operate. A fully formed felt object comes directly from the process, with no further processing required to produce a

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  • Residency / Exhibition: Anita Levesque & Bradley Smith

      Heartlab: Noticed Growth Residency August 1 to 30, 2009 Exhibition September 1-30, 2009 This work represents a new chapter in our ongoing exploration of the relationship between text and image. We like to think of our work as installation narratives, with ourselves, the artists, as main characters. As our setting changes, so does our focus. Resonance has been created in response and in relation to the surrounding simplicity of the foothills and prairies. This simplicity has inspired us to playfully represent the essence of words as sound, and image

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  • Residency: Maggie Shirley & Bernardine Carroll

    travelfreetravel July 1-31, 2009 What is a tourist and how accurate are their experiences? “travelfreetravel” is a new transatlantic collaboration between artists Bernardine Carroll in Ireland and Maggie Shirley in Canada. The two artists will take up dual residence in art galleries in their native countries during June and July to develop collaborative work that examines the notion of prescribed experiences of tourists in real tourist locales. Through their unconventional travel agency they intend to pilot their participants on fanciful adventures via the Internet and its wondrous facilities. This multi-disciplinary

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  • Residency & Exhibition: Judy Wapp

      2009 Judy Wapp was born in Minneapolis, U.S.A., has a fine arts degree from the University of Minnesota and attended the Art Students League of New York. She has shown extensively in Canada and the U.S. and lives in the interior of British Columbia. As part of a mail art network since the 1980s, she has had work exhibited in eastern and western Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. “I use images from the mass media to give a second look at what surrounds us every day.&#

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  • Residency & Exhibition: David Eustace

    Project for Paper July 2008 Working with local forestry, history and land use issues and the very real 
stumps they leave in their wake, PROJECT FOR PAPER is an emerging 
public art installation that will culminate in an exhibition of 
David’s work at Oxygen on July 25th.
Weekly Open Studio, Wednesdays, July 9 – 23, 7pm: Oxygen invites the 
public to drop by the Arts Centre, and talk with the artist about the 
project’s objectives and process, as well as get a look into the 
workings of the project itself. artist

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  • Residency & Exhibition: Haruko Okano

    Sepultura July 1 to August 31, 2007 Sepultura is an exploration of new natural materials originating from Japanese traditional use of bitter persimmon and utilizing the simulated mumified effect in reference to  the phases of dying according to Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Using natural elements of air displacement and deliberate lighting the installation invites the viewer to become the living element among the light filled boats carrying the dead across the river styx. As the audience moves among the boats the tillers are set in motion and the boats bob on an

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