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The goals of Oxygen Art Centre are to stimulate the creation, exhibition, and discussion of contemporary art in all disciplines; to encourage cultural development and professional artistic practices; to engage in community development through art-based projects; and to achieve diversity in programming and organizational practices. 

Applicants are encouraged to submit project proposals expressing interest specifically for the window project. More information on Oxygen’s submission guidelines for the window project can be found below.

Oxygen’s window project is entitled O2. 

O2 is a window. O2 is Oxygen Art Centre’s off-site gallery.

Located on the Stanley Avenue side of the Nelson Trading Company building (430 Baker Street) in downtown Nelson, B.C., O2 is a window-turned-gallery.

O2 functions as an extension of Oxygen Art Centre’s programming and provides vital exhibition space for regional, emerging artists.

Note: Applications for the Exhibition & Residency program will re-open in December 2023. Applications submitted for this call will not be considered for the Exhibition & Residency program.

/ deadline to apply is 20 September 2023 for this round / submit applications via Google Form /

// more information below //


Oxygen Art Centre is a rural artist-run centre that provides space and programming for artists and the public to engage in the creation, experimentation, research, exhibition, and performance of contemporary art. We are particularly interested in work that pushes the scope of artistic practice and practices rooted in feminist, disability, gender expansive, harm-reduction, and activist strategies. Please consult our archives to review previous programming interests. 

Guiding questions:

>> What would you like to present in the window exhibition space?

>> Why are you interested in working with Oxygen?

>> Does the artwork and content fit within the window space parameters? 

>> Can it be installed for up to two-months and subject to possible sun damage?


Artists who live and work within the Columbia Basin region are encouraged to apply. 

Oxygen supports exhibitions and projects that engage our mandate in exciting and challenging ways. We welcome submissions in a variety of mediums that are suitable for the space of a window display. We accept proposals from individual artists and collectives.


Oxygen Art Centre is committed to ensuring all residencies, exhibitions, programs, and events are accessible to artists and visitors. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible and equipped with an accessible all-genders washroom. Oxygen’s facilities are located along an alleyway behind Baker Street without parking. Loading and temporary parking are available, but this can become a tight area due to the high traffic of trucks, vehicles, and pedestrians. Please get in touch with us for more information about our facilities and accessibility, as well as make arrangements to utilize our space best. If there are ways that the submission process could be made more accessible, please get in touch with us at More information about our facility, here.


The Window Installation project occurs on a bi-monthly basis.



Oxygen Art Centre is committed to paying CARFAC fees. 

Selected artists for the window installation will be supported in the following ways:

— CARFAC Artist fees for installation and exhibition

— Material fees

— Staff and/or contract preparator(s) may be available to assist with installation

— Digital photographic documentation

— Social media, print, and digital publicity through organizational channels

— Oxygen will support the artist(s) in the execution of their project through installation and technical support, wherever possible

All accepted projects are contingent on funding. 


Applications are to be submitted by Google Form and should include the following: 

Artist Bio (up to 150 words) 

Please provide a summary of your practice history, training, and any contexts that inform your work. We value diverse forms of arts education and arts practices and invite you to note lived experiences, mentorships, employment, exhibition histories, and any learning experiences that have led you to cultivate the work you are proposing.

Include artist(s) website or social media where applicable.

Project Proposals (up to 500 words)

Please describe your current artistic practice and/or your project proposal for the window site. The project proposal does not need to be the final iteration of the project or artwork, rather a possible vision for the window installation. Please include any logistical installation details, as necessary. For further framing, please refer to the guiding questions above. 


>> Any media or content that demonstrates your artistic practice.

*Unfortunately, due to the limited space of our window display, we are not accepting digital media or large sculptures at this time. 

Maximum of 10 images

*1 MB file size each (.jpeg format with a resolution of 72 dpi at 1024 x 768 pixels)

>> Images must be labeled as number_title_lastname (example:01_Untitled_Oxygen). 

>> Documentation list.

For images, please include image numbers, artist name, title of work, year, medium, and dimensions.

*Collaborative or group proposals should include an artist bio for each participating artist in addition to the above application contents.

Please use this Google Form to apply. The bio and statement are submitted as text responses and can be prepared in advance and copied and pasted. Documentation is to be uploaded. Please refer to the above guidelines for more information on file sizes, etc. 

**Due to the exhibition site, please make sure your proposal fits with the window’s measurements. 

Window Dimensions

exterior: 44″ W x 45.5″ H

interior: 42.5″ W x 45.5″ H x 15″ D

door window: 37.5″ W x 43″ H 

Note: The window is secured by a lock. It does not feature electricity or lighting. Artworks might be subject to sun damage.


We are accepting until submissions until September 20, 2023 by 12 PM Midnight

Only successful applicants will be contacted. Artists interested and available to participate in Oxygen programming will be invited to update their project proposal. All applications will be retained in Oxygen’s archive for three years. 

Need support or to apply another way? Please get in touch with 


Oxygen is also excited to collaborate with other arts spaces and organizations for cross-programming and joint projects. We are interested in such collaborations in all of our programs, including education and literary arts programs. If you would like to work together, we are excited to hear from you, please email us at 

>> Readings

>> One-offs 

>> Workshops

>> Events, performances, screenings

>> Printed matter

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