Author Reading Series: “Home and Away”


“Home and Away”

Featuring local and other B.C. writers at Oxygen Art Centre

WED., OCT. 23, 7:30 pm:
Reading by White Rock, BC poet, fiction writer, essayist and artist Kristjana Gunnars, together with Slocan Valley short fiction author, poet, and Selkirk College educator. Leesa Dean.
Admission by donation.

THURS., OCT. 24, 7:30 pm:
Kristjana Gunnars workshop: “The Four Parts of Writing—Inspiration, Interactions, Physicality and Publishing—And Why They Matter Equally.”
Admission $10.

Kristjana says: “In this workshop I want to explore the world of writing and the responsibilities and processes involved for the serious professional writer. I am going to show how the writing world can be organized into four areas that are of equal importance to the final product and how many writers make the mistake of neglecting one or more of these areas.

“Writing is not only an act of inspiration that gets processed into language. Writing involves a whole series of interactions with your emotional, philosophical and informed self as well as your community and the community of thought you are in; writing also involves the physical act of placing letters and words on paper and how that relates to the writer’s physicality; and as we will see, the act of publishing and editing are also part of the writing itself. As we explore these different areas, I want to do so interactively and have everyone in the workshop contribute to the formation of as comprehensive a view of writing as possible. Perhaps we can look at where various writers’ works we know and love fall inside this paradigm.”

Kristjana continues to practice both painting and writing, and has an interest in the interaction of the two art forms. Over the last decade her art has been shown in galleries in Vancouver and area, and her work is in many private collections in Canada, the US, and Europe. She adds that during the workshop she also “intends to talk about poetry as a form of visual art, as it manifests in, for example, concrete poetry, and how that interdisciplinary art form can be understood.”


WED., NOV. 13, 7:30 pm:
Nelson man of letters Ernest Hekkanen launches The Ventriloquist’s Dummy Tells All: A Politically Incorrect Novel, together with a reading by Selkirk College novelist, filmmaker and poet Josh Massey.
Admission by donation.


WED., MARCH 18, 7:30 pm:
Reading by Vancouver fiction author, journalist, food writer and UBC writing prof Timothy Taylor, together with Slocan Valley poet and fiction writer Fletcher FitzGibbon.
Admission by donation.

THURS., MARCH 19, 7:30 pm:
Timothy Taylor workshop: “Life Lessons of a Writer: Techniques, Approaches, and Stories From the Road.”
Admission $10.

Timothy says his workshop “will cover fiction and nonfiction. But the idea is to combine me talking about techniques and approaches with sharing stories from the road, so to speak. Instruction combined with entertainment value (hopefully).”


WED., APRIL 8, 7:30 p.m.
Reading by Vernon, BC fiction writer, poet and Okanagan College educator Hannah Calder, together with Selkirk College creative writing students end-of-term reading.
Admission by donation.


Reading series co-sponsored by the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival.

Event & Presentation Series is generously supported by Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance–Arts Funding to Communities

Featured photo: Leesa Dean

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