(ok vancouver ok)


2 April 2021


(ok vancouver ok) is the natural extension and parallel artistic endeavour of the musical project Ok Vancouver Ok. Building on themes explored over their decade-long partnership, jeff johnson and laura house continue to find new ways to collaborate around class struggles, safer spaces, harm reduction, environmental justice, animal liberation, pink collar work, ableism, food sovereignty, anti-capitalism, parenting, decolonization, mutual aid, and intersectionality.


positioned somewhere between “art” and “craft” (ok vancouver ok) is interested in experimenting as self-taught musicians and artists. Working with textiles, film, found objects, performance, and writing, this project looks to explore the effect and extent technology has on work, art, and liberation. They \pose the questions: do machines, tools, and technology help or hinder the creative process? When does labour and work become art and vice versa? How is traditionally feminized labour and art undervalued? How are hegemonic structures replicated in outsider spaces and the domestic sphere?


for more about Ok Vancouver Ok visit www.okvancouverok.ca

visit their work for OFF-SITE, here

check out their new album, never perfect (2021), here

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