đŸ’„ Oxygen Art Centre is delighted to present the first exhibition in our window space, O2, featuring prints created during the WORM/HOLE youth arts education program.

⭐ Artists: Lokina Comishin Kromberg, Gabby Asbell, Sylvie Thomas, Ella James, Seveyah Bilodeau, Katherine Wall, and Morgan Pesicka

đŸ’„ Special thank you to WORM/HOLE instructors Catherine McIntosh, Myra Rasmussen, and Marcus DĂ©nommĂ©, and Education Coordinator Natasha Smith for putting this program and installation together!

đŸȘŸ The exhibition is now on view at the Stanley Avenue side of the Nelson Trading Company building (430 Baker Street) in downtown Nelson, B.C. O2 is a window-turned-gallery.

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