Join us this Saturday April 30 @ 1:00 PM PST for an Artist Talk w/ Angela Glanzmann + Stephanie Yee!

Register via EventBrite / Everyone welcome to attend / Admission is free

Angela Glanzmann and Stephanie Yee
🥕Residency: April 10 – 23, 2022
🌶️ Exhibition: 4 – 28 May 2022 *updated*
🍜 Artist Talk (Zoom): Saturday, April 30 at 1:00 PM (PST)

Expanding on their own histories, ethnicities, and social positions, Glanzmann and Yee invite viewers behind the scenes into the weird and obscure world of competitive cooking reality TV. Their installation takes place on the set of a fictional show EAT IT UP, complete with a presentation table, competitor’s kitchen stations, and pantry/food storage. Constructed out of common household supplies, food sculptures speak to the culinary resourcefulness and resilience of their ancestors as they had to adapt to new cultures and customs.

🧃 Image: Angela Glanzmann (L) + Stephanie Yee (R), Courtesy the artists

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