O2: Window exhibition space

Oxygen’s window project is entitled O2. 

O2 is a window. O2 is Oxygen Art Centre’s off-site gallery.

Located on the Stanley Avenue side of the Nelson Trading Company building (430 Baker Street) in downtown Nelson, B.C., O2 is a window-turned-gallery.

5 April – 3 June 2024
It Could Mean Everything
Artist: Tracy Fillion
Medium: Embroidery on linen

Artist Statement

For this piece I chose an excerpt from Mary Oliver’s poem “Invitation” (2009).

These past few years the words embroidered here entered my mind often, and seemingly, when I needed them most.

For me, they remind me to be present, look at the sky, appreciate the plants, listen for birds and bugs, and to seek laughter.

These words may mean something different for you. My hope is that they help people to find a moment of peace, feel their feet on the earth, hear a bird song, and appreciate a fresh breeze.


8 February – 3 April 2024
Artist: Marcus Dénommé
Medium: Mixed media (silkscreen print/collage) on stretched kitakata paper.
Dimensions: 25” X 30”

Artist Statement

The organisation Unmute Gaza has been a major source of inspiration for this installation. In their mission statement they say that “Israel does not allow journalists to enter Gaza. They have also cut off electricity and the internet, creating a Media Wall that doesn’t allow for the necessary balance in the construction of History. Fortunately, there are still a few photojournalists inside Gaza risking their lives to document what’s happening there. The images they capture provide a true account on what is going on in Gaza. This is why we have decided to create artworks from the pictures made by these journalists, pasting them in our city. Just a small gesture to say WE DO NOT AGREE, WE ARE NOT COMPLICIT, WE ARE NOT LOOKING AWAY. So we print and paste. Print and paste.”

Described here is my own personal wheatpaste recipe:
Mix 3tbsp white flour with 10tbsp water until fully combined.
Add 1 cup of boiling water to the mixture, and move to medium heat on the stovetop.
Mix vigorously until boiling.
Remove from heat and let cool.
**Adding acrylic medium, wood glue, white sugar, and/or vinegar will improve the durability of the wheatpaste.

To find more information and follow Unmute Gaza, visit unmutegaza.com or @unmutegaza

4 December 2023 – 8 February 2024
Ink & Moon Collective: Calendar Retrospective
Artists: Keiko Lee-Hem, Myra Rasmussen, Melissa Owen, Slava Doval, Carron Mulligan, Rayya Liebich, Gina Sanche, Katie Sawyer, Catherine McIntosh, Tammy Everts, Andrea Levin, Brandy Erin, Nikki Pelletier

Artist Statement
We are a group of women passionate about making art and social change. Since 2012, we have produced a calendar with original lino prints.  Over the years we have shared skills, evolved, and ventured from black and white to the world of colour. Each year we choose a theme to interpret through carved and printed lino block. What started as a way to create connection and inspiration, has grown into an opportunity to raise funds for organizations that are close to our hearts. In this window exhibition we will display our past calendars as well as some of our favourite prints from past years.

 The theme for the 2024 calendar is Wild Hope and all proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to youth-led climate initiatives. Calendars can be purchased at Notably Books, Zinnia Textiles, or online.

Learn more: https://inkandmooncollective.ca/ & https://www.instagram.com/inkandmooncollective

17 November – 1 December 2023
WORM/HOLE: youth print exhibition
Artists: Lokina Comishin Kromberg, Gabby Asbell, Sylvie Thomas, Ella James, Seveyah Bilodeau, Katherine Wall, and Morgan Pesicka

Oxygen Art Centre is delighted to present the first exhibition in our window space, O2, featuring prints created during the WORM/HOLE youth arts education program.

Special thank you to WORM/HOLE instructors Catherine McIntosh, Myra Rasmussen, and Marcus Dénommé, and Education Coordinator Natasha Smith for putting this program and installation together!

Oxygen’s youth arts education program is generously supported by the Nelson & District Credit Union and the Urban Systems Foundation.


April – June 2024
Tracy Fillion

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