When: 8 classes: October 6 – November 24, 2022 /Thursdays, 4:00 pm – 5.30 pm

Who: Youth, 11-16 yrs

With: 4 artist instructors:
// Brian Lye – Filmmaker

// Jaymie Johnson – Multi-Disciplinary Artist

// Rayya Liebich – Poet & Writer

// Catherine MacIntosh – Visual Artist

*more information about each artist instructor below

What: Each instructor will demonstrate an experimental art technique at the beginning of the class. Instructors and mediums will rotate every two weeks offering a layered exploration of various art practices. Following the demonstration participants will create/explore/make it your way! No experience necessary. Mediums include:

// Found object animation and drawing on film

// Blackout poetry/visual poems

// Experimental mark making and drawing on paper (with music!)

// Altered books/stencils/collage

*more information about each demonstration below

Student Fee:  $160 (All materials included)


Stop Motion & Film w/ Brian Lye 

#1 /October 6

Stop-motion Animation with Found Objects

This session will focus on bringing everyday objects and materials to life through stop-motion animation. The basic principles of object animation will be introduced and then students will use these skills to make their own creations. In this session we will venture outside and take a walk around the block to find objects to animate.  When we return we will spend time with the objects, considering and listening to find how they would like to move, dance, or rest.  It will be a playful, highly tactile, and experimental introduction that you can take in the directions of your choice.

#2 /October 13

Cameraless Animation – Drawing on Film

This workshop will introduce you to an early, experimental form of animation. We will draw with sharpie pens on a clear piece of 16mm film leader. Frame by frame you will create animated sequences that will be spliced together and projected via a film projector.  You will be introduced to analogue technologies and considerations of frame rates and pacing. Collaboration or individual creations can be explored during this session.

Experimental Mark-Making on Paper w/ Jaymie Johnson 

#3 /October 20

Mark-Making to Music

With music (of your choice) playing, Jaymie will demonstrate ways to use mark-making utensils and ink to explore various gestures, patterns, and lines inspired by the sounds and cadence of the music. Full range of motion and all limbs (both hands and feet) will be used to demonstrate mark making on large paper scrolls.. At the transition of one song to next you will be encouraged to change locations and begin mark making in a new location, perhaps adding onto or interacting with other participants’ work.

#4 /October 27

Experimental Drawing

Taking time to scan and observe the imagery created at the last session, Jaymie will demonstrate adding line and colour using dry media to create gradients and patterns directly onto the scroll; cutting out a section of the scroll to work on independently at the tables; cutting or tearing away parts of the scroll as a way of “mark-making” by removing material to reveal the wall behind; and, cutting and folding parts of the scroll to add elements of shadow and three-dimensionality to the original collaborative drawing. This session will be very experimental and welcome all possible interpretations of “mark-making” in a more detailed and intentional manner upon the last session’s gestural imagery.

Blackout Poems w/ Rayya Liebich

#5 /November 3

Found poetry

Starting with a series of tactile word games we will review the key features of poetry and take this learning to create our own blackout poems from existing texts. You will have a chance to experiment with a variety of paper sources (newspaper, magazine, books) using black Sharpies to explore erasure techniques.

#6 /November 10

Poems as visual art

In this second session we will explore how white space is as important as text in poetry. Using coloured paint markers, we will enhance our poems using line, shape, and image to add another dimension to our craft. You will come away with a series of blackout poems and all the tools you need to teach a friend!

Art Made from Books w/ Catherine McIntosh

#7 /November 17

Reshape and rebuild 

Discarded books will become the focus of our session. You will be shown several ways in which these books can be taken apart, altered, and rebuilt to become artworks. We will explore how books can be carved, pages can be cut and folded, reshaped, and restitched. You will have the opportunity to experiment with multiple techniques to create your own altered book. 

#8 /November 24

Collage & print 

Building on the last session, we will incorporate other mixed media methods to develop our book works. You will be shown how to make your own stencils and how to print with them. You will also be shown how to incorporate both two- and three-dimensional collages to layer imagery. By combining these techniques together you will transform a discarded book into a book work with new meaning.


Brian Lye is a filmmaker, artist and educator living as an uninvited guest on the Traditional Territory of the Sinixt people.  His lens-based works are preoccupied with magic, humour, and the everyday. He holds a BA in Film Studies and Japanese Studies from the University of Victoria, a Diploma in Screen Production from Sydney Film School, was a guest student at The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and recently completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in visual art from The University of British Columbia. His films and animations have won awards and screened internationally at venues such as Sundance Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, The Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona, and LIVE! Vancouver’s performance art biennale. He has been an artist in residence with the Klondike Institute for Art and Culture, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, and Oxygen Art Centre.

Jaymie Johnson is a visual artist whose work spans drawing, printmaking, and textiles. Her formal education includes studies at the San Francisco Art Institute and Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where she received her BFA in 2015 and later taught as a sessional faculty member.  Her informal education includes mentorship in community engagement and environmental public art from Sharon Kallis (EartHand Gleaners Society) and Cameron Cartiere (Border Free Bees). Jaymie currently resides in her hometown of Nelson, B.C., where she spends her time spellbound by plants: drawing, weaving, growing, spinning, dyeing, listening, and generally enamoured by their magic.

Jaymie currently resides in her hometown of Nelson, BC, on the traditional and unceded territory of the Sinixt and Ktunaxa peoples, where she grows, gleans, draws, and processes dye and fibre plants.

Rayya Liebich (she/her) is a Canadian writer and educator of Lebanese and Polish descent. Winner of the Richard Carver Award for Emerging Writers (2019), The Geneva Literary Award (2015), and The Golden Grassroots Chapbook Award (2015), she holds a degree in English Literature from McGill University and a B. Ed from The University of Victoria. Her debut full-length poetry collection Min Hayati was released in 2021 by Inanna Publications and her poetry and prose have appeared in literary journals internationally. Passionate about writing as a tool for transformation and changing the discourse on grief, she teaches poetry and CNF to youth and adults in beautiful Nelson, BC.

Catherine McIntosh holds an MA Honours in Fine Art from Edinburgh University with a specialization in painting. After graduating, she chose to train as a graphic artist and worked in that field for many years before turning her attention to education. Since graduating from UBC, she has worked in schools, taught at Selkirk College, and presented small workshops and classes in and around the Kootenays. Catherine has a passion for sharing her love of art with others.

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