Oxygen Art Centre announces the second exhibition in their window project entitled O2, featuring the Ink & Moon Collective now on view from 4 December 2023 to 8 February 2024. Located on the Stanley Avenue side of the Nelson Trading Company building (430 Baker Street) in downtown Nelson, B.C., O2 is a window-turned-gallery. The exhibition features a retrospective of prints from their 2023 and previous calendars. More details below and here.


4 December 2023 – 8 February 2024
Ink & Moon Collective: Calendar Retrospective

Artists: Keiko Lee-Hem, Myra Rasmussen, Melissa Owen, Slava Doval, Carron Mulligan, Rayya Liebich, Gina Sanche, Katie Sawyer, Catherine McIntosh, Tammy Everts, Andrea Levin, Brandy Erin, Nikki Pelletier  


Artist Statement We are a group of women passionate about making art and social change. Since 2012, we have produced a calendar with original lino prints.  Over the years we have shared skills, evolved, and ventured from black and white to the world of colour. Each year we choose a theme to interpret through carved and printed lino block. What started as a way to create connection and inspiration, has grown into an opportunity to raise funds for organizations that are close to our hearts. In this window exhibition we will display our past calendars as well as some of our favourite prints from past years.


The theme for the 2024 calendar is Wild Hope and all proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to youth-led climate initiatives. Calendars can be purchased at Notably Books, Zinnia Textiles, or online.


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