O2: Tracy Fillion

“It Could Mean Everything” by Tracy Fillion is now on view at O2, Oxygen’s window exhibition space!

Located on the Stanley Avenue side of the Nelson Trading Company building (430 Baker Street) in downtown Nelson, B.C., O2 is a window-turned-gallery.

 5 April – 3 June 2024
“It Could Mean Everything”
Artist: Tracy Fillion
Medium: Embroidery on linen

Artist Statement:

For this piece I chose an excerpt from Mary Oliver’s poem “Invitation” (2009).

These past few years the words embroidered here entered my mind often, and seemingly, when I needed them most.

For me, they remind me to be present, look at the sky, appreciate the plants, listen for birds and bugs, and to seek laughter.

These words may mean something different for you. My hope is that they help people to find a moment of peace, feel their feet on the earth, hear a bird song, and appreciate a fresh breeze.

Learn more about the artist and the project here

Photo: #wip embroidery process, Courtesy the Artist, 2024

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