S.C. // Christina Battle

Sacrificial Cabbage // online workshop series
Christina Battle:
 Saturday November 20, 2021; 2:00 – 4:00 PM PST (EventBrite)


Doing Things with Others (across distance): Considering Participatory Practice

A lot has changed in the arts since the spring of 2020, and one infrastructural shift that I hope continues long after the pandemic subsides is the move to online workshops, events, and talks: now made accessible and available across distance. Much of my research considers distributed networks and how they might offer potentials for the exchange of ideas and the building of community in new ways. Beginning with a lecture and discussion exploring strategies that I’ve been experimenting with as part of participatory practice, together we will perform a number of recent projects and collectively consider what potentials might be gained from Doing Things with Others (across distance).


Artist Biography
Christina Battle is an artist based in amiskwacîwâskahikan, (also known as Edmonton, Alberta), within the Aspen Parkland: the transition zone where prairie and forest meet. Battle’s work focuses on thinking deeply about the concept of disaster: the complexity of disaster and the intricacies that are entwined within it. She looks to disaster as a series of intersecting processes including social, environmental, cultural, political, and economic, which are implicated not only in how disaster is caused but also in how it manifests, is responded to and overcome. Through this research, Battle looks closer to both the internet (especially social media) and plant systems for strategies to learn from, and for ways we might consider disaster anew. [www.cbattle.com]


Image: Exercises in Trust, participatory project and website, Christina Battle, 2020.

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