Cabaret: Eurotrash Pleasure Centre

Eurotrash Pleasure Centre Cabaret Performers







Comedians took audiences to the far reaches of post-communist Eastern Europe, and places around the local neighbourhood (like Salmo). This cabaret marked the debut of Oxygen Orkestar (a loud and deep-feeling Balkan Brass Band), and featured Displaced European Communist Party Persons, and BC Bush Party Persons.  Managing to both thrill and offend, the cabaret starred Nelson comedians Joel Cottingham, Nicola Harwood, Brahm Taylor, Geoff Ferguson, Bessie Wapp and Lisel Forst performing all new, all original material.  Also featured: Master magician Lisa Menna, burlesque dancer Flora Ware, puppeteer Jen Callow, and Krista Lynch as Tatiana, the European Call Girl.

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