Residency: Inken Hemsen

Artist in Residence at Oxygen Art Centre
Sense Tracks Elements – Inken Hemsen
Open House and Talk: Friday, September 27 from 7-9pm
Open Hourse and Tea Time: Saturday, September 28 from 1-5pm


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Inken Hemsen, artist from Hamburg, Germany is concerned with apperception of landscape and its liveliness. It is her intention to visualize the singularity of the moment and the particularities of nature. Her reflections are recorded in drawings, subjective cartographies and wire objects as maps.


Points of reference, evolution-lines of paths and encounters form pivots of experience with entirely different spaces. In this way she studied nature left to itself in Norway, with its organically-grown structures of towns and country around Bergen and Tromsø, the idealised landscape in the 18th Century Landscape Gardens in England and Ireland, beaches of the river Elbe, the lake Alster and parks in Hamburg and the Garden Realm Dessau-Wörlitz in Germany, with marsh-forests and water-meadows of the river Elbe running close by.


As Artist in Residence at the Oxygen Art Centre in September 2013, she will proceed her studies of subjective apperceptions in the mountainous region around Nelson, the forests, lakes, glaciers and hot springs and will consider the interplay of town, park and wilderness.


The observations are focused on sense apperceptions, like noises and silence, air-flows and smell in the air, the atmosphere, encounters of animals and humans, animal movements, traces on the ground, plant movement patterns caused by the wind and creatures passing by, and the occurrence of waters.


The change of apperception by walking on obviously and more hidden ways, by different views of altitude, different times and lights will play an important role by her studies.


She will reflect her impressions with drawings, subjective cartograpies, wire-maps, photographs and texts.


These compositions will be assembled in an installation, creating an overview of connections between creatures and elements in their natural space. The singularity of the moment, the constant change of life within spatial relations will be documented. The unvisible becomes visible.


The room of the exhibition, sectored into various thematic and topographical areas, will allow the visitors to acquire information by moving along from one viewpoint to the next.


Oxygen Art Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of its Exhibition and Residency program from British Columbia Arts Council, Columbia Basin Trust through Community Initiatives Program and the Government of British Columbia.


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