Spring Break Art Camp 2014


CAMP is FULL for the Spring!


OR CALL TO REGISTER: 250 352 6322 OR EMAIL: info@oxygenartcentre.org


WEEK 1 (MARCH 17-21):

SAC_kids_14_FINAL_for_webPUPPET SHOW for Ages 5-10

Course dates:
March 17-21
9am – noon Ages 5-7
2 – 5pm Ages 8-10
Cost: $120

Children will be introduced to the process of creating a 5-minute puppet show. Topics covered will include storyline and character development, stage/set design, and puppet design. The finale will be a fantastic show put on for parents and friends.

Instructors: Laura Hyde & Chelsey Freyta

WEEK 2 (MARCH 24-28):

Oxygen_StopMotionPoster_14_WEBSTOP MOTION ANIMATION CAMP for Ages 9-16

Course dates:
March 24-28
9am – noon Ages 9-16 Introduction to animation
2 – 5pm Ages 9-16 Intermediate animation
Cost: $130

Oxygen Art Centre has pulled out all the stops again this year to bring you Suez Holland and her extensive skills as an animator and teacher. With 7 years experience working with groups of young students at The Gulf Island Film and TV School, Suez offers quick hands-on creativity. Learn how to magically move paper cut-outs frame-by-frame and turn your sequence into a movie clip. Take your character development and animation skills to the next level.

Working with Suez this year at Animation Camp is artist and Art Director is Andy Chambers.

Schedule Introduction to animation:
Day 1 – Introduction to animation and techniques for capturing frame-by-frame
Day 2 – Story boarding, character development and paper cut-out puppet making
Day 3 – Production of animated exercises
Day 4 – Production of animated clips
Day 5 – Production of animated clips and screening *family and friends are invited to come half an hour before the end of camp for a screening of work produced

Schedule Intermediate animation:
Day 1 – Story boarding, character development and paper cut-out puppet making
Day 2 – Continue story, set and character development and begin production
Day 3 – Production of a short animation
Day 4 – Production of a short animation
Day 5 – Post production and screening *family and friends are invited to come half an hour before the end of camp for a screening of work produced


Scholarships available for Stop Motion Animation Camp at Oxygen for Ages 12+

Scholarships are available for students ages 12 to 19, though the Community Directed Youth Activity Grant Fund administered by Kootenay Kids! Please contact Jordan Dupuis, Youth Grants Program Coordinator for more information about how to apply for a scholarship: P: (250)352-6678 x 235 E: jordand@kootenaykids.ca



OR CALL TO REGISTER: 250 352 6322 OR EMAIL: info@oxygenartcentre.org


Last Spring we developed a different format for Art Camp where teachers proposed to work with students on projects over the duration of the camp, culminating in a performance or screening on the last day of camp. Camp was a great success and we are excited to be able to share with you some of the wonderful work produced as a result of these camps.

Puppet Show Camp brought joy to the heart! One parent reported that her son literally leapt out of bed in the mornings, in eagerness to come to Camp each day! Chelsey Freyta and Laura Hyde will be offering Puppet Show camp again next Spring Break. Thanks to Natasha Smith for sending in her phone video of the performance, you can see it on Oxygen’s new Youtube channel at: http://youtu.be/kajAThKCriI


Oxygen Art Centre has made an Art Camp channel on Youtube to exhibit all of the amazing animations produced by students aged 9 – 15, at the Spring Break Stop Motion Animation Camps in Nelson and 1-Day Workshops on the East shore. Check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/user/OxygenArtCentreCamps
Student’s animations are posted individually and on group reels:
Camp – Ages 9-11: http://youtu.be/8wgMIxZF5Oc
Camp – Ages 12-15: http://youtu.be/aYyRzhHKkDI
1 day Workshops – Ages 9-15: http://youtu.be/P0kWxa_8GDI

Oxygen Art Centre gratefully acknowledges support for its Children and Youth Programming from; Government of British Columbia through Community Gaming grants, Columbia Basin Trust through Community Initiatives for City of Nelson and Area A, and Nelson and District Credit Union. Special thanks to Crawford Bay School for hosting our Animation Workshops last Spring and to Osprey Community Foundation for support of our online registration systems.



Laura Hyde

Laura Hyde studied Fine Art at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She practices ceramics, drawing, fibreart and printmaking. Working with children has been a passion since high school, and her first summer as the Arts and Crafts director of a summer camp near her hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia. In 2006, Laura moved to Nelson and has made a home here, working, teaching and running a small business. Laura also enjoys singing, biking and walking her dog in our beautiful neck of the woods.


Chelsey Freyta

Chelsey is an international designer/ illustrator with clients in Australia, USA and Europe. She has a Bachelor of design and a certicate in fashion styling. Chelsey has loved creating art since a young age. With all her work she enjoys developing characters and pieces that tell a story. She’s very excited to be teaching puppets this spring with her accomplice Laura Hyde .

Chelsey Freyta


Suez Holland

Suez first began animating in 1993 while studying art in Belgium. Near the art college, there was an animation school for kids very much like the one in Nelson, where groups of kids aged 9 – 16 could learn how to magically move objects frame-by-frame and turn the sequence into a movie. Suez worked at this kids art school throughout her time in Belgium, which eventually led her to re-direct all studies towards animation back in Canada.
Since then, Suez has taught over 8 years of classes to kids and youth of all ages, most notably at The Gulf Islands Film and Television School. Currently, Suez creates animated sequence for musical stage shows and bands, weaving together techniques in stop motion, digital motion graphics, and video compositing.

Suez trained as an illustrator/cartoonist at Academie des Beaux Arts de Liege, then went on to get a degree in Animation at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver. Following that, she honed her animation skills even further with Video Compositing Courses at Vancouver Film School. Her animation career features work on ‘I, Robot’, ‘Stargate’, and ‘Blades of Glory’, as well as concert video design for musicians such as ‘U2’, ‘Mix Master Mike’, ‘Beats Antique’, and ‘Mother Mother’.

To see more of her work, visit www.electrabelle.com


Andy Chambers

Andy Chambers got an early start in film industry as an actor on the Gemini award winning series Degrassi High. He then attended the University of British Columbia where he moved behind the camera working as a programer and line producer for UBC-TV and the Knowledge Network and eventually Whistler Cable TV. Andy then began producing and directing short films, taking his early working to the Whistler Filmmaker Showdown, Sao Paulo Film festival in Brazil and the CBC. In 2012 Andy began working with award winning animator Jeff Chiba Stearns to bring a 3D animated world to life in a 3 part series of commercials for the Ministry of BC Health. For the last 15 years Andy has focused his creative work in the Art Department of the Vancouver Commercial TV industry, art directing commercials for a long client list such as Mattel, Mitsubishi, Best Buy and BC Elections.

OWN thought studios


Program Director – Miriam Needoba

P: 250 352 6322 E: info@oxygenartcentre.org



A note from Art Camp founder – Anita Levesque
Art is essential. It connects us and brings great joy to our lives. By making and creating, we become problem solvers, exercising both sides of our brains. It is a celebration of beauty, a mode to express what is deep within, and a tool to better understand our place in the world.

That which is most essential is often overlooked and taken for granted. The arts are under represented in our schools and communities today. Understanding the importance of art education for our children and youth has been the core inspiration behind our children’s art programming over the past three years. It is with great joy that we see this program growing and becoming a consistent and reliable way for parents to enrich their child’s lives through art.

Thank you to all of you that have been a part of this journey, so far. We look forward to seeing even more smiles and excitement on children’s and parent’s faces as our program develops.

Anita Levesque, on behalf of Oxygen Art Centre


Oxygen Art Centre gratefully acknowledges the support in the development of it online registration capabilities from:





Oxygen Art Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of its Community and Youth Education Programming from Government of British Columbia and Nelson & District Credit Union

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