Time Capsule / Memory Capsule

Time Capsule / Memory Capsule
If we had the option to receive messages from the past how would we receive them?  Would it be possible to respond to these messages?  Would these messages help us better understand our place?  Could we better understand our identity?  Is it possible to have a dialogue with future generations?


Time Capsule is a project that tries to generate a reflection about who we are as a society.  It is not a real capsule, it is a metaphorical space conceived as an encounter and a reflection, to make our collective history visible.  It is an exercise that allows those interested in participating to express ideas and thoughts, leaving a message through different media such as photos, videos, voice recordings, letters and poems.  Time Capsule is a Memory Capsule that allows the creation of an archive of collective memory and preservation of what we are today.


Time Capsule is a project by Mexican artist César Damián who is on a one-month residency at Oxygen Art Centre. The project will be presented at the Oxygen Art Centre throughout the month of September.


 Leave a message for the people in the future 
(You can leave more than one message)


You can use different formats: 
César will record your message and take a photo of you at Oxygen


Or drop a handwritten message (or drawing, photo, etc) in the Oxygen mail box or via emailing your message to César directly at mundosfragmentados@yahoo.com


Everyone is invited to contribute to Time Capsule.


Please schedule a time with César through email at
OR drop your response into the mail box at the Oxygen Art Centre


Photo - César Damián

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