Cabaret: Bedtime Stories For Bad People

Nicola Harwood as Ilse









Imagine yourself surrounded by red velvet, submerged in ambient muzak. A handsome man holds a razor to your throat. Are you getting a haircut or are you at the Oxygen Art Centre’s Cabaret, “Bedtime Stories for Bad People? (Oct 30/31, 2009)”

 Performing is scary business. Various characters haunt the psyches of our local comedians. “Stephen the Art Star” (Lucas Myers) and “Dermitt MacDonald, the Sex with Shoes On Salesman” (Nicola Harwood) will be among the alter-egos possessing our hapless performers at the Cabaret.

Harwood muses, “I’ve heard there will be yoga, murder and a Newfie jig. Maybe even naked legs. We could really use some support from local audiences. These alter-egos are dangerous, unstable and not very good dancers. Should they really be in possession of our stages?”

Bessie Wapp as Newfie Louise


PERFORMERS: Lucas Myers, Bessie Wapp, Nicola Harwood, Joel Cottingham, Lisel Forst, Brahm Taylor, Sydney Galbraith, Robyn Lamb, Warren Fischer, Nancy Rosenblum, Bradley Smith, Anneke Rosch, Catherine McGrath & Christoph Martens


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