Residency / Exhibition: Anita Levesque & Bradley Smith


Heartlab: Noticed Growth

Residency August 1 to 30, 2009

Exhibition September 1-30, 2009

This work represents a new chapter in our ongoing exploration of the relationship between text and image. We like to think of our work as installation narratives, with ourselves, the artists, as main characters. As our setting changes, so does our focus. Resonance has been created in response and in relation to the surrounding simplicity of the foothills and prairies. This simplicity has inspired us to playfully represent the essence of words as sound, and image as space by creating a 3-dimensional diorama utilizing drawing, stamping, and sculptural methods.

/HEART LAB is a collaboration between Anita Levesque and Bradley Smith. Both artists attended ACAD in Calgary, Alberta. They have been exploring apartments together for the past fifteen years; their travels seeing them coast to coast. Currently they live in Nelson, BC, where they continue their on-going effort to bring art into life, life into art.



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