Exhibition: Brent Bukowski

Every Inch Under Observation
found metal and glass
22″ diameter x 3″ (free-standing)


Circle(s), Straight line(s), and Intersection(s)


This work is a storm wind from Kaslo. It emanates from Bukowski’s imagination and illuminates our society, its ills, and its materials. The work’s complexity is made with an intellectual quickness that speaks to the wider world, and appeals to the heavens.  Circle(s), Straight Line(s) and Intersection(s) calls on us all to wake from the slumber that kills the thistle, and silences birdsong on our blue, blue planet.”

Susan Andrews Grace, 
Circle(s), Straight Line(s) and Intersection(s)
, Hag Papers, an imprint of Underwhich Editions, Toronto & Saskatoon, 2005

Brent Bukowski  is a Canadian artist who works with metal and glass. His sculptures are inspired by the observation of global patterns from the perspective of a secluded lifestyle in the mountains of  British Columbia.

artist website

The Luxury of Mobility
found metal and glass
20″ diameter x 3″ (free-standing)


Instantaneous Physical Reaction
found metal and glass
22″ diameter x 3″ (wall piece)
2005 {private collection}o

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