Call to participate: Kissing Project

We are seeking volunteers from the Nelson community to be part of the ‘KISSING Project’

Event takes place on April 7th and 8th – you can be part of Nelson’s future!!!

Did you know that the City of Nelson has one of the most culturally diverse communities in Canada! –

Artist-in-residence, Sylvia Grace Borda, wants to capture this embracing spirit among those who call Nelson home!  She is interested in using the idea of the “kiss” as a welcoming symbol to profile the richness of Nelson’s community, and to excite a local and global audience in Nelson as a featured destination!

Sylvia’s idea for the project was inspired by an archival photograph in the Touchstones collections. The photograph is an image of a Doukhobor couple kissing by City Hall in the 1950s. Sylvia believes this image is simply iconic and belongs on the cover of TIME or PEOPLE magazine! In her words, Nelson is not just a leisure or sports city, but a place of love, too. Can Nelson be the Paris of the North?!

Time Period for photo- shot : Kissing Project participants will be scheduled on one of the production dates of Friday April 7th or Saturday April 8th between 10am to 7pm. Participants will work closely with resident artist, Sylvia Grace Borda to capture a 360 degree portrait of a kissing pose. Couples of all sorts are encouraged – even four legged friends! Queer, straight, Gay…Family members! Diversity is welcome!

Note: Participants will receive their own artist copy of their kissing portrait as a keepsake of the event.

Portraits of Kissing Couples will be part of the Oxygen Art Centre exhibition of the Kissing Project with launch date of June 8th, 2017.

If you are interested please email us with the information listed below. ASAP to:

Please include the following information in your email.
-Name of Participant (First name and Surname):
-Name of person or pet you nominate as your kissing buddy:
-What is the relationship of your nominated buddy (partner, friend, mum, pet hamster, etc):
-Name a Place in Nelson’s city centre where you’d like to be featured:
-Why is this location is special to you?
-What is your availability on either April 7th or April 8th– please give date and time
-How can we reach you ?
Phone number:
Email address:


Contact for further information and inquiries – Oxygen Art Centre
Link here for more info: Sylvia Grace Borda – Kissing Project

Courtesy of Touchstones Nelson_Museum of Art and History_kiss1

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